Glass spoon and lid integrated seasoning jar,Sugar Dispenser for Kitchen Counter

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Our spice dispenser features a wide opening, making it easy to pour salt, and is also effortless to clean, making it very user-friendly.


Size: 12*10*12.6 cm

Color: Green,Gray

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About This Item

Scientific Salt Control: The measuring spoon releases a smaller and more even amount of salt than pouring directly from the salt shaker. Easy to take, does not soil the hands, no need to screw the lid, easy to open the lid can be used.This allows you to control your salt intake for a healthier diet while still enjoying your favorite foods

Moistureproof Design: These spice jars with label are designed with a built-in sealing ring that effectively prevents seasoning from becoming wet and clumpy, ensuring that your spices stay fresh for longer periods

DELICATE DESIGN: Cylindrical handle design, ergonomic design, easy to open and close. heat resistant, comfortable to shake hands, not easy to get rid of, easy to dig the desired seasoning

Thickened Material: Our seasoning container are made of high-quality food-grade PP and glass materials that are safe for storing various seasonings. These spice dispensers are durable and can withstand the daily wear and tear of your kitchen, ensuring long-lasting use. Perfect for storing salt, pepper, and other spices, our glass spice jars are ideal for everyday use

Broad Application: The seasoning containers set can be used to hold a variety of condiments, such as sugar, salt, spices, pepper, seasoning, honey bee, olive oil other liquid sauce

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