18 Best Food Storage Containers Recommended by Professional Chefs

Whether you want to save money, reduce waste, keep food fresh longer, or cook for health or time, every season is the season for leftovers.
If you’ve ever packed a school or work lunch, you know that having good containers can be a game-changer as they prevent leaks, spills, BPA contamination, melting in the microwave or dishwasher, and accumulation in hard-to-reach crevices. Mold and other unnecessary headaches.
It’s also important to have good containers for pantry storage: the right containers will keep dry ingredients in good condition for a long time, but poor quality containers will cause dry ingredients to quickly spoil or lose flavor and nutrients.
So how can you tell a quality product from a mediocre one? Read on to learn how to choose the storage container that best suits your needs, and check out our 18 best options for storing leftovers, prepared foods, pantries, and more. Alternatively, use the links below to jump to a specific category.
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To compile the final list, Shop TODAY looked at popular options and trusted brands. We focus on: accessibility, ease of use, design, ease of storage, ease of cleaning and other useful features. I also make sure to take into account verified customer reviews and average star ratings.
Additionally, our team reached out to trained professional chef, cookbook author, and TV personality Carla Hall (of “Top Chef” and “Chew” fame) to get her opinions on the best way to store food at home, and her ideas on what to look for. food storage solutions.
Ultimately, I used my years of experience as a personal chef, caterer and recipe developer, as well as my long career in the restaurant industry, to guide my selection. As someone who cooks and creates recipes in small kitchens and tight spaces around the world, I know how important it is to have quality food storage containers on hand.
Hall says that whenever possible, she prefers to use clear, BPA-free plastic or glass containers: “I like to use glass jars.” editors and consumers.
They are carefully tested: dropped, placed on their side in a bag, heated and frozen, and thanks to the spring-loaded lock on top, they do not leak every time. They’re BPA-free and oven, freezer, and microwave safe, so you can cook, store, and reheat everything in one container, then throw them in the dishwasher.
Runner-up: Shop TODAY sales editor Rebecca Brown praises a similar smart-sealing terrarium kit from OXO: The parts are also sealed thanks to snap-on lids, but best of all: “I like this kit because Lead Safe Mama tests lead-free and it’s actually lead-free,” she said.
Hall also prefers glass when it comes to storing spices—one reason is that she “[values] finding products that creatively help me store and organize food well—that is, ones that allow me to write/meet.” The food place is great,” she explained. .
For an affordable option that offers all the features Hall is looking for, we recommend this 24-piece set, which has an average 4.8 star rating and is the #1 best seller in the spice jar category on Amazon.
Reviewers say the glass is very durable, and the kit includes hundreds of labels (some of which are already printed!), a collapsible funnel, a shaker lid, and a metal lid.
Runner-up: We also liked the rustic look of Target’s Hearth & Hand 12-Piece 3-Ounce Glass Jar Set, which comes with wooden clip-on lids that some reviewers said were tight and durable (though others said they wished so that they are larger). ). Or if you have a little more cash to spend, these gorgeous Williams Sonoma Hold Everything Spice Jars, available individually or in quantities of up to 12, have a unique ash lid, are made of durable glass and stack neatly. Easy to store.