How to choose Stainless Steel Tableware Lunch Boxes

How to choose Stainless Steel tableware

Stainless Steel Food Container

Is the stainless steel 304 the food grade? It is not necessarily at the food grade. General stainless steel 304 can not meet the relevant requirements of food grade. If the surface of stainless steel 304 is marked with special symbols and text such as food grade, it belongs to food grade. After all, the general stainless steel contains lead, manganese content is generally high, and the content of these elements in food-grade stainless steel can not exceed a certain standard. In addition, for 304 stainless steel to meet the food grade standard, the precipitation proportion of arsenic, cadmium, nickel, chromium, lead and other metal materials must be strictly controlled in the production process.However,some stainless steel tablewares are not marked with the special symbols, Therefore, we will share how to choose Stainless Steel tablbeware.


What are the selection skills of stainless steel tableware

  1. If you want to judge whether 304 stainless steel is food grade, you can check the surface layer of stainless steel. If it is food grade stainless steel, it is necessary to pass the quality inspection of the relevant departments, and the product surface through the inspection will generally be marked with food grade and other special symbols and text.
  2. When buying, you can check whether the product packaging clearly indicates the material and steel grade of the tableware. General regular manufacturers will clearly indicate the material of tableware, specifications, production date, implementation standards and other aspects of the detailed information. If not, it is produced by small manufacturers, or is substandard products. Suggest you not to buy it.
  3. when choosing, you can also weigh the weight of the tableware. In general, the weight of high-quality stainless steel tableware is generally heavier, and the weight of inferior stainless steel tableware is generally lighter.
  4. when choosing, you can also tap the surface of the tableware, through the sound of the tableware, to know the quality of the product. Under normal circumstances, if the quality of the tableware is good, its sound will generally be more robust. If the sound is not rich, it belongs to inferior stainless steel tableware.

Post time: May-27-2024