Metka Bamboo Fiber Kitchenware

In Autumn 2017, Metka launched a new series of bamboo, which is made of biodegradable bamboo fiber materials and polypropylene raw materials. It is environmentally friendly and healthy, and keeps the original bamboo fragrance of bamboo fiber. After forming the product, the color is soft and elegant, the texture is natural, showing natural fiber texture. From bamboo to daily necessities, originated from nature, belong to nature.

Bamboo series collection of bathroom toiletries, kitchen storage container, fruit and vegetable leach basin, tissue box, water cup and a series of household necessities. bamboo green and bamboo yellow are the main colors of this series of products. Bamboo is fresh and elegant, with a natural and simple texture, restoring the natural and pure beauty of home life.

Bamboo fiber is a kind of green pollution-free environmental fiber extracted from bamboo by high-tech means. It has the characteristics of antibacterial, bacteriostatic and environmental protection. Bamboo fiber material is a kind of raw material, it can be made into health and environmental protection daily necessities. In fact, the kitchen utensils, tableware and packaging products made of bamboo fiber not only have the characteristics of health and environmental protection, but also have the advantages of light and strong

Bamboo fiber with bamboo as raw materials, through the special high-tech processing, extraction of bamboo cellulose, through a variety of processes made of recycled fiber. Because the growth of bamboo does not need to apply various kinds of fertilizer, and its own can produce negative ions, and has insect and antibacterial properties, so avoid all kinds of pollution


The material of bamboo fiber kitchenware is natural and does not contain any chemical ingredients, we also have kid’s food container product which made of bamboo fiber, safe and suitable for kids.

Post time: Dec-17-2022