Six Side Visible with Transparent Food Container

As customer requested more updated version food container in different stage ,  we also developing many new pdroduct to meet customer demand, in this issue you can see a six side visible with nice transparent food container. Our company have different kinds of food containers, round shape, triangle shape, rectangle shape and in different side.  a six side visible food container that you can check the food not only through the container body also can check it directly through the transparent lid. No need to open the lid you can check the food clearly.


The food container is made of food-grade PET to instead of AS material, because using AS materials will be more easy breaking, if use PET material will not like this happen and keep it nice transparent color. it has the same texture as advanced glass, so it is clear at a glance what food is stored inside. The most important food container made with PET material is very nice, more attractive and impressive.

Adding the thickened PET material to container body, to be more durable. when we look for the outside or touch it, it feel textures and good quality.


Airtightness and easy cleaning,  with silicon ring at the lid and 4 sided locking make the food container in good sealing fuction.  It have the width mouth for easier to pouring the food material smoothly and easy washing.


The kitchen has been used for a long time, the cupboard will be full of items look very messy, but it is not well organized, put some of the ingredients stored in food containers, you will find that the kitchen will look much cleaner.  This set of food container can be stacked to save space, from the messy kitchen space, ushered in a bright and spacious view and at a glance the classification of ingredients. whether it is open storage or closed cabinets or refrigerator, can be stored very convenient. 


Post time: Oct-19-2022