Drain box storage set of 3 pieces

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The size of this 3-piece storage box is 15*10.5*14.5cm, the size of a single storage box  is 10.2*7.5*12.8cm, and the size of the drain box is 14*10.3*13.4cm,The perfect size is for kitchens, countertops, bathroom,etc.,

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This multi-purpose refrigerator organizer is specially designed for the countertop, making full use of the space saved on the countertop to classify and store different items, keeping items organized and easy to find, maximizing your space. And the countertop storage container gives you a clear view, you can easily check the stored items and quickly find the items you need, bringing more convenience to your life. 

The countertop storage box is composed of 2 small storage boxes and a drain box, made of transparent high-quality PET+PP plastic, BPA-free, shatterproof, sturdy and durable. The drainer can be used in many ways, it can be used for refrigerator storage, it can also be used for kitchen storage or bathroom storage. The other two storage boxes can be hung on the wall to store various tools in the kitchen, such as chopsticks, knives and forks, etc. Can save space on the table and make frequently used tools easy to pick up and use. It can also be used for storage in the bathroom, such as: cosmetics, toiletries, etc., to make the table cleaner.


1.waterproof, anti-drop, durable and firm, easy installation and space-saving

2.Large Capacity, Punch Free, Durable

3.Featuring its punch-free wall-mounted, non-marking adhesive design

4.Home & Commercial Use

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