Kitchen Glass Spice Honey Jar Dispenser, Airtight Cap Transparent one-piece seasoning jar

Short Description:

Item No: 6286/6287/6288

Color: Transparent

Material :Glass+PP

Product size :11.3*9.4*13.4CM

Capacity :350ML

Packing :Bubble bag + kraft paper box

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About This Item

The handles of the one-piece seasoning jar set hold a small spoon, small brush, and honey stick respectively. The seasoning jar is made of food-grade glass, transparent and bright, allowing you to quickly find the seasoning you need and save time. 


The lid adopts a food-grade silicone ring and airtight bottle cap, air will not enter, keeping the seasoning dry, odorless, leak-free, and non-caking.The spoon cover is integrally formed, you can pick up the seasoning with one hand, open and use it easily, making your cooking simple and convenient, scientifically control the seasoning within one spoonful and one gram, and make a reasonable diet your daily habit


Three spoon designs to meet the different needs of customers for daily use.


The one-piece seasoning jar is small in shape and easy to carry, suitable for outdoor picnics, travel and other occasions. This seasoning jar is suitable for storing powdery, liquid, and viscous seasonings, such as salt, black pepper, honey, olive oil, etc.


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